Sunday, March 28, 2010

Narconon Using Misleading Websites to Lure People

According to David Love, Narconon in Canada uses generic "helpful" websites to lure people into Narconon Canada. Don't let this happen to the Philippines! - NARCONON CANADA! Beware!

Canadian Drug Rehab - Drug Rehab Canada - 1-888-898-1110 - Canadian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

This is one of those misleading Drug Rehab web sites which refers people to Narconon. Only this refers people to Narconon Trois Rivieres. It is owned by Joelyn Montour, and was in talks at Narconon Trois Rivieres while I was there. In fact, one of the meetings took place in the office next to mine ;-)

There can be Big money in one of these sites, especially when an owner is connected to a multi-millionaire dollar ex-chief/chief of a huge Native Reservation in Ontario.

I was there and instructed by Narconon Canada to monitor a plan to build a new Narconon in Ontario, just prior to the building of this site. Secret emails and covert, manipulative, PR tactics smoothed over a Giant Flap, which could have been costly. I can't release the emails YET, but Aline Proulx from Narconon Canada's name are on them.

Suppressive acts by Narconon - Scientology? This story still under investigation.

These Web Sites are so deceptive, Click on anywhere; any Province, and it leads you to the same place; a referal to Narconon Trois Riviers.......

-- David Love

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  1. Mga kababayan, mag-ingat kayo sa mga Scientologist sa Metro Manila. Lolokohin lang kayo ng mga niyan. Sino ba naman ang maniniwala sa kanila na si L. Ron Hubbard ang savior natin. Si Jesus Christ lang ang savior natin. Basahin niyo ang para maunawaan niyo ang idudulot ng Scientology sa Pilipinas.